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Mulch & More

Our sawmill produces many wood bi-products including mulch, wood chips, grindings, sawdust, & shavings. Most of our wood bi-products are used for agricultural & landscaping purposes. These products are carried year round and we more than happy to sell them in bulk. 

  • Wood Chips - available all year round
  • Grindings - available all year round
  • Sawdust - available all year round
  • Shavings - available all year round
  • Natural Mulch - available all year round
  • Coloured Mulch - seasonal

For prices on all products or to place an order call 519-367-5789 today!


Note: 1 pay loader scoop has 3 cubic yards in it. 1 pay loader scoop will fit in the back of a standard pick up truck.


Mon-Thu: 7am - 5pm

Fri: 7am - 4pm

               ***MULCH SEASON ONLY***            Saturday: 8am - 12pm